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Ever feel like you can’t stop making stupid decisions?

I do.

Whether it’s endlessly browsing the internet, overeating, excessive gaming, or substance use–everyone seems to have at least one bad habit they can’t seem to kick.

We know our choices don’t make sense. We understand that idle pleasures are often fleeting. We’ve self-soothed enough to know when we aren’t being effective. And yet in our many moments of weakness, we still feel drawn to act against our deepest values.

Why do we choose to do things that make us unhappy?

This site is an exploration of that deceptively simple question. I don’t have all the answers, but I am convinced that with time, practice, and support, there are ways to escape even the most severe bad habits.

We all want to feel better. And that starts by choosing to do hard work now so that we can feel better later.

(Don’t be fooled by the title. I have little interest in painful self-denial. With practice, leaning into hard decisions can be profoundly rewarding.)

I hope you’ll choose to join me.

About Me

My name is Jeff Clark. I’m a board-certified psychiatrist dedicated to making mental health information easy to use and readily available. I completed medical school at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine and a residency in psychiatry at the University of Washington. In my current day job I help primary care doctors diagnose and treat patients with common mental health problems.

My vision is to make mental health more accessible. I do this through my clinical work, this blog, and a number of apps and courses I’ve built over the years. My most recent course focuses on insomnia and is available at I’m currently working on a Virtual Reality app to help with social anxiety and can’t wait until I have a working model to show you!

I love connecting with people; please reach out if I can help in any way!


Feel Better Later is not intended to replace the diagnosis, advice, and treatment provided by a qualified professional. Please consider your own situation and consider talking with a healthcare professional before making any health-related decisions. I do everything I can to make Feel Better Later safe, but I cannot be held responsible for any harm caused by your choice to engage with this information.

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The contact form on the site uses email, a medium which may not be secure. At times, general principles will be communicated back in response to questions and should not be taken as personal medical or therapeutic advice. I cannot guarantee a response to any communication, but do my best to respond to good faith questions. If you are in crisis, please consider contacting a mental health crisis line.

At times, I do provide links to affiliate products. I cannot guarantee that these hyperlinks will remain functional and targeted at the specific product. I do my best to only recommend relevant information and compensate for my intellectual, emotional, and financial biases. However, I don’t know your individual situation and cannot be held responsible for the benefits or harms from any specific product or information. I recommend that you consult with a health professional before trying any new product.