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Why do we do what we do? Because it makes sense.

Our actions may not be fully aligned with our long-term goals. But in the moment, there is a reason for what we do. We may want to feel better or avoid immediate pain. We may do something we’ve always done without really thinking. We may act because we feel lonely or frustrated or angry.

You aren’t broken because you made the wrong choice. You’re human. Step back and think, “what does that behavior do for me?” Because whether it’s sugar, YouTube, or heroin, there’s some reason we keep going back. Until we recognize why we do something, it’s hard to have lasting change in our lives. 

“I’m an addict” doesn’t explain anything. It’s a label, and usually not a helpful one. What about  “I like _, because _” (even if you hate other things about it). Be honest with yourself. Sit with that thought. It might be painful. It might make you realize that things aren’t so bad. 

It’ll take compassionate practice to change. But when we realize why we do something, change becomes much more realistic.