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It’s ok to take a break. You’ll be better off for it. 

A good break re-energizes us to the task at hand. It helps our mind process information and return with new solutions. It gives us a chance to engage with the good things we have that aren’t work.

Even if you’re passionate about what you do, stepping back from time to time is critical. And if you can’t step back, that’s a sign that something is wrong with the system. If you’ve set it up, find a way to fix it. If you report to someone else, consider all your options for change. “I want to do X so that I’m better at Y” is always a good argument. It may fall on deaf ears–and it may still be worth saying. 

Breaks don’t need to be long, but they’re best when they are deliberate. And when you’re done, return and do what you said you would do.