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A single breath is almost meaningless. If you somehow skipped it, your body would adapt. The sheer quantity of other breaths overwhelms the value of any single inhalation.

And yet there is immense power in taking the time to slow down and carefully observe yourself breathing. Respiration is so core to our being that we often forget that it’s even happening. Breathe consciously. Feel the cool air filling your nostrils. Watch how your chest expands; how your diaphragm falls. Hold it for a moment. Then let go. Repeat as often as you can to find a little peace. When combined with deliberate effort, these mindful moments help you make your world a little better.

A single breath may not matter to the world. And a single vote may not either. But embracing the small amount of control that comes from something so vital and so trivial is empowering. It’s a small way to be an active participant rather than a victim of circumstance.